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Webinar: Lithium-Battery-Service Portal - Question Time - free of charge

Lithium-Battery-Service Portal - Question Time - free of charge

In Dangerous Goods > Lithium-Batterie-Service

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- Step-by-Step guidance to our portal
- Finding the right checklist article for every transport case
- Information included in the checklists

Answering your questions on the preparation, shipping and transport of lithium cells and batteries (without equipment, packed with equipment, contained in equipment)
UN 3090, UN 3091, UN 3171, UN 3166,
UN3480, UN3481
UN 3536, UN 3537, UN 3538, UN 3539, UN 3540,
UN 3541, UN 3542, UN 3543, UN 3544, UN 3545,
UN 3547, UN 3548

For all transport modes
ADR 2019
IMDG Code Amendment 39-18
60th edition of the
IATA Dangerous Goods Regulations
ICAO TI 2019-2020

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